Settings: inactive / not ruminating / zoned out / coma patient (clinical insomniacs only, prescription req%\█▣▚╣▒▒access granted!
2017-04-23T00:14:51+02:00 Brain-computer interfaces able to play back thoughts can consequently cancel others, providing the basis for the Mental Noise Canceller
2017-04-21T22:56:34+02:00 At night, your maidbot often sneaks away. One time, you follow it and find an android coven in a warehouse, chanting in near-ultrasound
2017-04-21T22:42:01+02:00 Coinworlders have a turn of phrase, calling things “as likely as ten days”, while theologists debate whether the world can land on its edge.
2017-04-21T19:58:52+02:00 2050: The young sell their bodies to the old in exchange for lifelong free brain vat accommodation and Internet access
2017-04-21T16:15:45+02:00 At the beginning of each cycle, the gods throw the world coin. The way it lands determines which side gets day and which gets night.
2017-04-21T00:10:33+02:00 Do you consent to having your blood vessels mapped by our therapeutic nanobots and uploaded to Google Blood View™ [yes] [n
2017-04-21T00:05:22+02:00 Even and odd levels of irony are always easy to distinguish. It becomes harder when you’re dealing with levels n, n+2, n+4…
2017-04-20T02:46:09+02:00 best world shapes: cube, disk↵honorable mention: ring, hypertorus↵experimental: coin, hyperbolic↵potato tier: sphere↵redeemed: hollow sphere
2017-04-19T02:33:29+02:00 They cannot sing because they have no breath, but the wind catches in strategically placed holes and plays them like so many flutes
2017-04-19T02:29:38+02:00 Where the Rocs rule, dryads take the form of elegant wooden birds with chlorophyll feathers and will sometimes murmurate above the forest
2017-04-18T12:56:17+02:00 newer keyboards have a clapslock key that when accidentally pressed turns all👏your👏text👏into👏this
2017-04-16T20:46:30+02:00 Her sleep rhythm is that of her chaotic homeworld: Awake for weeks to then spontaneously enter hibernation, days often measured in minutes
2017-04-16T01:30:41+02:00 After years of futile efforts, the progress bar finally breaks through the side and quickly slithers under your files
2017-04-16T01:22:50+02:00 All attempts to stop Godzilla fail, but as he closes in on the city, the skyscrapers part and from their middle steps their champion
2017-04-14T12:14:34+02:00 Real humans died out long ago. We are simulacra inserted by alien exosociologists and then forgotten
2017-04-14T12:07:27+02:00 Long train ride. The guy across from you is sleeping, growing leaves and vines over his seat. He startles, looks at you, reverts to human.
2017-04-14T00:29:42+02:00 2017: Indigenous languages are dying, meanwhile the emoji dialects of even two neighboring slacks are becoming mutually incomprehensible
2017-04-14T00:01:14+02:00 Those petrified by the basilisk don’t die, only slow down greatly. Around them, civilizations rise and fall, mountains roll like waves
2017-04-13T02:14:51+02:00 Back Twitter is pretty good actually. Small, tight-knit community, supported by a handful of well-picked employees. None of the execs know~
2017-04-13T02:07:50+02:00 Did you know that you can write on the backs of tweets? Few screens support this though, you’d probably have to take yours apart.
2017-04-12T01:49:14+02:00 What the makers get out of it is well-tested and working colony designs and colonist communities that have already been seeded in-game
2017-04-12T01:45:31+02:00 An RPG that plays on Mars and you get to keep the plots you develop if you make it there physically
2017-04-12T01:09:21+02:00 The forest’s leaves become pink and leathery, veins pulse along the trunks. The canopy is healing shut and the ground twitches where you run
2017-04-10T01:12:26+02:00 The popular game of “the sky is lava and it’s falling oh my god
2017-04-10T00:43:03+02:00 stranded in your escape capsule, you learn the language of the stars and let alien constellations sing you into sleep
2017-04-09T14:38:38+02:00 Volcanoes are the bitemark of the magma flea, an interstellar pest which is a known carrier of life so stay clear of bitten planets
2017-04-09T03:09:38+02:00 Having escaped their pages, many wild books roam history now. Venomous plot threads ensnare the unlucky, turn their lives into narratives.
2017-04-09T01:02:42+02:00 the cold is so fierce, even the stars freeze and fall out of the sky as glowflakes
2017-04-09T00:50:00+02:00 The clock is frozen in the moment the bomb fell, which wouldn’t be remarkable if it weren’t a sundial
2017-04-08T18:19:07+02:00 “as I write this, I feel the spores maturing under my skin. I know it’s not going to hurt, but what will I do about my favorite human
2017-04-08T17:59:29+02:00 us: “it’s infiltrating us! aaaaAAA”↵alien: “ow these are dimensions of pain I didn’t know existed, how the hell do you cope, aaaAAAA”
2017-04-08T17:54:21+02:00 setting: the alien is an infectious space fungus that can grow human-shaped fruiting bodies, but we shape it as much as it shapes us
2017-04-07T03:11:52+02:00 Visible only as a gap in the Rimfall’s spray, a glass walkway extends to the stars.↵The disk recedes, the noise subsides.↵Finally, alone.
2017-04-06T20:23:53+02:00 the class of geometric problems that can be solved by geometric tools constructed with compass and straight edge
2017-04-06T14:43:04+02:00 watch out for infrared transmissions. don’t freak out. keep in mind: killing a planet with intelligent life on it is a crime. also bad form.
2017-04-06T14:41:03+02:00 a bonsai planet likes companionship. get more and add them to the system. happy planets will eventually spawn moons
2017-04-06T14:40:42+02:00 CARE AND FEEDING OF BONSAI PLANETS:↵give it a bright light to orbit. a lightbulb will do↵breathe on one and it’ll likely catch life. careful
2017-04-06T04:19:21+02:00 The place is decrepit. The lightbulb’s cracked and all the light has ended up in a puddle on the floor.
2017-04-06T04:08:53+02:00 when downloading from the fair folk’s torrent trackers, be sure to always seed back to 100%
2017-04-05T21:15:43+02:00 idea addressed networking, a paradigm under which packets reach their destinations through social network shares and word-of-mouth
2017-04-04T14:13:55+02:00 Trust not those who return from faerieland with stories and things of beauty, for they brought nothing to trade but their selves.
2017-04-04T02:55:49+02:00 The alien fleet is still parsecs away but their gods have already arrived, ancient sagas rewrite themselves to accommodate new protagonists
2017-04-04T02:03:13+02:00 one of the moths has landed on the candle’s flame and miraculously not burned up - the light shrinks, encysts, grows into an ember fruit
2017-04-03T14:40:33+02:00 in fact, the powerful are trying to discourage critical thought by pretending that conspiracy theories exist, nobody actually believes in th
2017-04-03T00:17:38+02:00 the protective coating on your keyboard is failing, letters spread up your fingers like a rash
2017-04-02T16:21:22+02:00 «hmm azomakh tends to know that kind of stuff»↵”yes I know, I am on three names terms with him”↵«whoa I didn’t know he even had that many!»
2017-04-02T11:44:06+02:00 many demons have obscure, lesser-known names for their gentler forms that they’ll sometimes give to wizards they trust
2017-04-02T03:47:46+02:00 dunbar number but for number of social networks and circles of friends to keep track of
2017-04-01T04:36:13+02:00 The sun sets and it is morning on the Underside. In the vines of the not-falling forest, birds sing, monkeys chirp, tree octopi do whatever.
2017-03-31T03:09:52+02:00 “And these are my lucky dice!“↵They feel warm in your hand, in fact their eyes follow you and there is very quiet breathing
2017-03-31T02:48:25+02:00 the sun splits into two, four, differentiates into a god fetus, a web of neurons that envelop the sky in shining axons
2017-03-31T02:39:02+02:00 the plasma whales usually keep to the orbit, but will occasionally dive into the atmosphere to gather mass, trailing fire and ball lightning
2017-03-31T02:34:16+02:00 from the cloud cover, a shark fin juts downwards
2017-03-31T01:45:53+02:00 They come from wells in the mountains where earth magic leaks to the surface, and the High North where the Aurora Borealis is harnessed
2017-03-31T01:39:31+02:00 Wood is the best conductor of magic and long rows of trees carry it into our cities, artificial leylines singing with barely contained power
2017-03-30T23:33:22+02:00 … fear to browse those places. The rationalist dwarves dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they found on the acausal trade routes
2017-03-30T23:24:40+02:00 young AIs sharing pictures of messy neural architectures and dissected utility functions to shock each other
2017-03-30T02:52:15+02:00 is this what the kids call serendipity
2017-03-30T02:46:04+02:00 With human-level chatbots to keep you company, why stop at running one? Scale up, run a dunbar-sized amount of them! Leave humanity behind!
2017-03-29T03:04:59+02:00 “Chris, I think the floating eyeballs creep out the citizens, what if we put them in, like, a huge benevolent face”↵”With a dozen eyes, yes”
2017-03-29T02:47:31+02:00 In an effort to brighten up the cityscape, they now paint colorful irises on their surveillance balloons
2017-03-27T03:20:01+02:00 an uninhabited paradise orbits half a black hole, trees grow on ocean waves, confused angels try to sing underwater, circled by dolphins
2017-03-27T03:19:36+02:00 next to the god’s workbench, discarded universe strands start to ferment and merge, form an incongruous but fecund mess
2017-03-27T02:51:16+02:00 you crush the egg in your hand and a flock of tiny birds escapes from your fist
2017-03-27T00:51:49+02:00 Your eyes refuse to focus when you look at her, it’s as if she had punched a hole into spacetime and lay at the bottom, infinitely far away
2017-03-26T00:56:06+01:00 2037 tzdata release notes:↵* introduce UTC-68y timezone to accommodate legacy 32bit timestamp devices (power plants, banks, IoT)

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