About search.twtxt.net

๐Ÿ•ธ search.twtxt.net is a privacy first search engine and crawler for the twtxt social ecosystem. Yarns itself is part of the Yarn.social platform.

Privacy First

The feeds that are crawled by this search engine and the twts that are found and scraped are for the sole benefit of the Twtxt and Yarn.social users.

No personal data is collect, no fingerprinting is performed, no tracking of seraches is performed and absolutely no 3rd parties are involved in any way.

See the Privacy policy for more information.

Open Source

Yarns is open source and is comprised of the following components:

For additional help on how to use this service please see the Help page or contact Support for help.

Please also see the Privacy policy.

This is twtxt search engine and crawler. Please contact Support if you have any questions, concerns or feedback!