Yarns uses Bleve as it’s primary indexer and engine to drive searches. By default Yarns uses the Query String Query syntax.

Keyword Searches

Keyword searches are simple. Just type in a few keywords and hit the “Go!” button.

For example: foo bar will return search results for any twts that contain either foo or bar such as foo bar.

By default keyword searches match on any keyword in the query. You can also perform keyword searches that MUST require one or more keywords by prefixing the keyword with a + (plus) and likewise negate with - (minus).

Searching for Phrases

Phrases are also pretty simple, just encode the pharse in double quotes. For example you can search for the phrase “Self Hosted”.

For further technical information see Bleve Search and Query String Query.

This search engine is a work-in-progress. Please contact Support if you have any questions, concerns or feedback!