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…precisely the same post I read on "bullshit jobs". Thanks! 👌 I'll bookmark this post! -- One has to wonder why we're where we are today, and the cynical and philosophical side of me tends to think we'…

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(#oczrega) I think there certainly are politicians that are better than others. I don’t think of politics and law as bullshit jobs. I would say they are a “necessary evil”.

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…#oczrega) @ullarah Yeah it would be! 🥳 > Not that any politician is better than another 😂 Yeah I agree, I _honestly_ believe politics and law are in those categories of jobs called "Bullshit Jobs" 😅

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…Earn' and Bullshit Jobs** Speaking of "play-to-earn" games, Paul Butler, writing in a blog post: In Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, David Graeber makes the case that a sizable chunk of the labour economy is …

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**Thoughts on Bullshit Jobs** [Comments]( ⌘ [Read more](

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