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(#5gb3dqq) Honestly, the entire follow system is flawed. Check my followers, #3 was a web crawler with a user agent that happened to fit the regex, and #17 was myself requesting my own feed with a simple curl command. Unfortunately, I don't see a real solution to the problem while keeping the ability for external feeds to show up as "following" a user on a Yarn pod.

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@mckinley (#5gb3dqq) Hahaha, great fun! :-D I reckon, the following stats need to reset after a specified amount of time (e.g. a week or whatever), so that they get cleaned up a bit over time. Not perfect by any means, but probably a whole lot better than counting a single request from sevens years ago. Unfollow events from other systems aren't propagated to yarnd, so that would take care of this.

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